How AYA Balm came to the United States

From South Africa to Europe, to Asia and finally the United states, I spent most of my 20s traipsing around the world from one adventure to another: getting chased by a tiger, almost drowning in a typhoon, getting evacuated from a war zone. It was exciting and wonderful, but I eventually hankered for something else.... a settled life.... and then I arrived in NYC and it all made sense. A vibrant, exciting city where I could settle down, and the world and the excitement were right outside my apartment building. After micro careers in advertising and then finance with a Masters degree tossed into the mix, I decided to stay home and raise my children.
Then my little sister, Keren created AYA Balm, and AYA oils and then AYA cream and I was smitten! My older son is a passionate skier and surfer and home chef in training. He is outgoing, enthusiastic, and a little hyper. He is also sensitive to bug bites, gets insanely dry skin in the winter. My younger son has a passion for karate. He is is the world’s most enthusiastic sports fan, loyal friend and sweet natured boy. He also has allergies, asthma, and eczema. I have AYA Balm next to their bed and mine, in the kitchen and in every purse and backpack I own. I use it on everything from bug bites, eczema flareups, dry skin, surfing and boogie board rashes, chaffing, blisters and cooking burns. I call it ‘the little balm that can...’ When my sister offered me the chance to bring her AYA products to the US, I jumped at it and here we are -