6 Ways you can help your skin this winter.

Winter can be very harsh on our Skin. As temperatures outside drop so does the humidity inside. Cold dry air outside, combined with the dry heated air indoors, plays havoc with your skin. Winter skin can become flaky, itchy, dry, red and irritated. But by making 6 simple changes to your regular routine you can keep your winter skin feeling soft and smooth.

  1. Moisturizing Natural Soaps 

Soaps that contain fragrances and synthetic chemicals can wash off natural skin-protecting oils, which ultimately dry your skin even more. Try replacing your soap with a milder more natural, moisturizing soap.  

  1. Moisturizers are key!

Hydrate your skin frequently and consistently. The winter months can really dry out your skin, stripping it of natural oils, leaving it looking dull and feeling taut. It flakes and cracks easily which can lead to your skin feeling painful and irritated.

  • Select moisturizers with gentle, all natural ingredients that will hydrate and soothe your skin.
  • Winter skin needs a richer, non-water based daily moisturizer to help nourish, hydrate and protect the skin from uncomfortable dryness or cracking.
  • Keep a travel size cream or balm in your purse, briefcase, school bag or gym bag so it is always handy when you need a quick dose of moisture. Our AYA Balm is perfect for tackling extreme dry itchy skin and its small enough to carry with you every day.
  • Moisturize while your skin is still damp and warm. This helps increase absorption and lock in moisture.
  1. Long Hot Baths & Showers

Hot, steamy showers feel great on a cold winter day, but they really dry your skin by stripping natural oils from your skin. Help your dry winter skin by making your water temperature warm instead of hot and keeping your showers short.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating dry dead skin cells before you moisturize, allows your moisturizer to penetrate and your skin more effectively and be absorbed more quickly. Exfoliating helps promote a healthy cell turnover rate. This is key to radiant skin, even in the wintertime. 

  1. Drink more Water. Yes even more water...

We often drink less in the winter, but with the dry cold outdoors and dry heated air indoors, we need to drink more not less water. Skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. If your skin is not getting sufficient water, it will become dry, tight and flaky. If you don’t enjoy drinking cold water during the winter months, try some non-caffeinated, natural herbal teas.

  1. Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great option when dealing with dry indoor air caused by heating systems. They put moisture back into the air, which eases dry skin. They can also help with dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips.