AYA Balm, with raw, sun-ripened papaya is a handmade all natural balm, free from petroleum products and parabens. 

Story of AYA Balm

Perfect on Eczema

Eases itchy Eczema Hotspots before the itch/scratch cycle worsens

Extreme Dry Lips

In less than 24 hours, from scabs to smooth

Burns, Bites & BooBoos

Aya Balm soothes their bug bites.


Aya Balm did wonders to a recent burn I got. After smothering it with Aya balm, there was no blistering and the pain subsided quickly. 
Really an all purpose salve. I keep a tub in my handbag and another one next to my bed. So there is always Aya near. :)

Anna Joy Savage

Aya Balm, where have you been all my life!!!! Bought some on Saturday and I am luuuurrrvvving it �

Tracy Bentley Kennard

There is nothing better than this magic balm (other than chocolate maybe).

Had a burn from stove top kettle today, immediately smeared some precious yellow balm and now there's no evidence of the burn.

I also happen to be covered in bites (from a combination of mozzies and fleas and heat), guess what I'll be using before bed... Amazing Aya!

Kendyll Jacobson

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was given many reasons why I should try the Aya Balm. The only thing that caught my attention was... “it’s great for Mosquito bites” WELL WELL WELL, Aya Balm you rock!

Now I have to give credit where credit is due. 
I need more than credit here for this product. Within minutes of applying this to Mozzie bites... it calms the itch right down and soothes the horrible pain and swelling that comes with it . Well done Aya- not many brands live up to their sales pitch!

-  Nardia Adams


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